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date23:24 | 20/06/2016

General rules for motorbike riding in Vietnam It is claimed that riding motorbike in Vietnam is not easy, especially for the inexperienced ones....

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date14:54 | 22/05/2016

In March 2014, alongside a very worthy riding partner, I spent 6 weeks motorbiking up the length of Vietnam. I have posted about this experience...

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date14:11 | 22/05/2016

Hoa Lo Prison – Used by the French during the first Indo-Chinese War to house political prisoners, and then used again by the Vietnamese during the...

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date14:36 | 22/05/2016

A phone with GPS! As I mentioned earlier you will find this an invaluable tool to help guide you in the right direction to those small towns,...

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date14:32 | 22/05/2016

The following is a list of all of the places that I stayed along the way on my trip. If you can’t see any ‘hotel’ or ‘guesthouse’ signs...

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date14:51 | 22/05/2016

Whether you are travelling north from Saigon or south from Hanoi, there are plenty of places you can buy motorcycles. Travellers do the trip so often...

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