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date15:09 | 28/05/2016

The Vietnamese capital is like a breath of fresh air. The city is a graceful pastiche of cultural influences from the French and Chinese, while the...

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date15:02 | 28/05/2016

Chai Pi cuts a strange figure sitting quietly in the five-star surrounds of the Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa. Dressed in traditional dress, dark blue...

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date15:57 | 28/05/2016

We visited Hanoi in June, 2010 and compiled this three day guide of where to go and what to do. For those visiting Hanoi during it's birthday bash,...

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date15:11 | 28/05/2016

Businesses have adapted their sales tactics to appeal to the zippy go-anywhere Vespas, Hondas, Yamahas (and increasingly cheaper Chinese brands) that...

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date15:20 | 28/05/2016

See the best of Vietnamese style in clothes, jewelry and homewares on the streets of Nha Tho and Ly Quoc Su on the western fringe of the Hoan Keim...

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date15:42 | 28/05/2016

We asked five Hanoi locals to share, in their own words, the best ways to mix it up and have the perfect day in the Vietnamese capital. Ha Anh Vu:...

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date15:36 | 28/05/2016

If you ever wondered what Thailand was like in the late 1980s, check out Phu Quoc Island off the southwest coast of Vietnam, the new hop on the Gulf...

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date15:37 | 28/05/2016

The route, from Hanoi to Saigon, is commonly referred to as the Reunification Express. This year marks 75 years of service, and although no longer a...

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